The main asset of our company is the individual.

Currently, we need to add 2 contract / light entrepreneurs to our team. Leave the application by e-mail immediately, or call Mar recruiting directly at 0400-396116.

At DoHair, an employee, or Doonari, is our most precious gemstone and it is because of them that our senior executives are willing and able to do everything possible, and even that which seems impossible, to assure them and help them to feel secure with us as we face the harsh battles of everyday life together.

A Doonari’s scheduled consists of a six-hour period of active service, per day, as a member of a group, for five days a week. This is scheduled time falls between 09.00 to 21.00, daily.

As part of a Doonari’s responsibilities, they cut and dye our customers’ hair, maintain cleanliness, establish a good and honest rapport with their co-workers, seek out their own initiative and ambitions, while providing their undivided attention to both our customers and the other members of the group.

Each Doonari is an equal group member, and like a soldier, receives unwavering support and care from the group leader. Other members of the group also provide support and encouragement so as to establish and maintain a mutual trust and distinguished level of service and integrity.

Every Doonari has a personal responsibility to ensure and preserve a proper level of mental hygiene in the working atmosphere. Bullying or other behavior that violates anothers dignity is strictly prohibited and results in immediate action.

As upper management, we ourselves are hair stylists and professionals and we do this work everyday; along side and in cooperation with our trusted and valued Doonari team. We understand that a proper working environment is created solely by people communicating genuinely, openly and honestly with one another.

We believe whole-heartedly that a functioning and efficient work environment in the service sector, is the key to a successful customer experience.

Our employees, our Doonaris, are as precious to us as our own children. Caring for them is the main thing. Everything else comes after.

Fill in the form below, places are now open for 2 people in Rovaniemi.